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boundngag 10-20-2014 08:26 PM

I was at the Emirates on Saturday. Arsenal started well and Alexis Sanchez scored a good goal. When Hull equalised, it sort of knocked the stuffing out of Arsenal's players and there wasn't enough urgency for the rest of the first half. Hull scored right after the break, easily. It was only then that Arsenal's play gained some urgency. We attacked, but weren't clinical enough and always looked susceptible to a counter attack. I think we were fairly fortunate when Welbeck equalised, set up well by Sanchez. I though Bellerin looked a good prospect at right back. He had lots of energy and pace. Sanchez and Welbeck were always a threat. Campbell added a lot of energy and work rate on the right when he came on. I don't know why Wenger hasn't used him more this season. But apart from that, we were poor. I wonder where we would be in the league without Sanchez. I think he's world class. Only Wenger could buy a quality of Sanchez's quality but make the squad worse. Letting Vermaelen go before he got a replacement in and not signing a defensive midfielder is utter stupidity. I look at Arsenal's signings and there doesn't seem to be much of a strategy to them. Then I look at Mourinhos - signing Matic, Fabregas, Costa. Filling the gaps he had with players he knew would c ome in and perform immediately. Does Wenger not look at Mourinho's transfer dealings and feel rather stupid?

boundngag 11-10-2014 09:43 PM

Arsenal throw a 3-0 lead against Anderlecht and a 1-0 lead against Swansea. We are nowhere near good enough defensively and the tendency of our players to simply give up when things go against them has been going on for too long now to come from anyone else but Wenger. He should take some responsibility for the clubs current plight. All the money spent in the summer on the wrong areas has led to us being 12 points off of Chelsea after only 11 games. We've only actually won 4 of those games! Imho, Wenger doesn't think much time or money needs to be spent on defence and he has put proving his point above the interests of Arsenal fc. He should be held accountable for all this. Oh wait, he wont be. Ivan Gazidis, who he is supposed to be accountable to, is actually scared of him!!!!!

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