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boundngag 05-25-2016 07:41 PM

Why could Arsenal fans not protest like Everton's fans?
Yes, Everton didn't have great season in 2014-2015 either, but the Everton fans protesting didn't really start until about 6months ago. Martinez has been sacked. Arsenal fans have been protesting at a low level for season without any result whatsoever. Why could there not have been a more concerted protest? That or stop paying to watch them en masse.

Arsenal have now bought Granit Xhaka, but I don't really know how good he is. I've not seen him linked with any other teams. Good name though! I hope this isn't Arsenal's only transfer this summer, but knowing Wenger, it could well be. Also, someone said recently (I can't remember who) that the 40 million and 1 offer for Louis Suarez was Wenger's idea and he thought he was being really clever. If so, should Arsenal not have sacked him when it didn't work? Can you imagine if we had made a proper, serious offer and got Suarez? He could have made all the difference over the last two seasons.

As for Martinez, I used to think that he was a good manager that lacked resources at Wigan. Now, looking back, that was quite a good Wigan side that got relegated and now I am thinking he may be overrated. How can he have got such a good team as Everton had this season playing so badly?

John 05-27-2016 05:41 AM

Crazy situation at Arsenal. the simple fact of the matter is that ever since Kroenk took over the best AFC fans could and can hope for is mediocrity. None of the teams within the Kroenk Sports Enterprise have ever won anything under his charge

St Louis Rams - Since 2004 have not won the NFC West divison and since 2005 have not made the playoffs

Denver Nuggets - Since 2000 have not won the Conference Finals (they did appear in the Finals in 2008/9 but lost to the Lakers)

Colorado Avalanche - Won The Stanley Cup in 2000, from 2006 - 2016, they did not not even qualify 7 times

So he has a history of making a business out of sport. He's not a fan, it's just business so Arsenal finishing second, guaranteed Champions League, in his eyes, it's been a great season.

I fear Arsenal will never win anything with Kroenk at the helm... and now I read he's just increased his stake at Arsenal to he's not going anywhere...

Wenger has his critics & I'm one of them. He's losing his ability to read games and adpat to them and he's reluctant to buy but the majority of Arsenals current problems lie in the hands of the owners...but they dont see them as problems..because they're making huge profits from mediocrity....

Support a L1 or L2 club, you'll feel better for it :-)

boundngag 05-30-2016 08:50 PM

I remember a several seasons ago, people said that owners could not make a profit from football clubs. Obviously, Kroenk and the Glazers fly in the face of that theory. Kroenk hardly ever goes to the Emirates, so it's not even like he likes football (or 'soccer', as he'd call it). What annoys me about Kroenk is that he allowed Wenger to appoint Gazidis, who Wenger is supposedly answerable to! Why would he let Wenger do that???

I probably would be better off supporting a league one or league two club. Certainly financially, anyway!!! But I don't know how good the football is? I have BT Sport and a lot of the Premier League matches this season have not been very good and have actually been quite boring. They didn't show many Leicester matches though. Maybe it would have been better if they had done. How good is the football in League one and two?

John 05-31-2016 09:46 AM


Originally Posted by boundngag (Post 144825)
How good is the football in League one and two?

Better imo. First off, you dont get prima dona players, second, you get players who have to fight for everthing..because they are still either in the formative stages of their careers and want to push themselves forwards or they are at the end of their playing career and want to extend it.

You also get passion and commitment. Surprisngly as well you'll get some great skill. it probably lacks the speed of the PL but I'd much rather watch a L1 / L2 games that Arsenal grinding out a bore draw against a team they 'should' beat.

If you recall the West Ham game, Arsenal went 2 up in no time, I placed a 3 bet on WHU to come back and beat AFC. We then took the dogs out for a walk and my modile kept playing alerts. When I eventualy checked it, WHU were 2-3 up and my cash out was 140.... only Arsenal it seems has the ability to cock it up in such style.....remember the Spurs 4-4 and the Newcastle 4-4 in past seasons?

boundngag 06-11-2016 05:08 PM

I remember that! How many fans of other teams would start to worry when Newcastle pulled a goal back to 4-1, down to 10 men or not? Well I did and i'm pretty sure loads of other Arsenal fans did likewise. Arsenal are ridiculous as a team in someway and for them to still not resolved the tendency to capitulate even now is laughable. Still, as you said before, Kroenk is probably more than happy with the profits.

Maybe I should support Gillingham? They just missed out on the play offs this season in League one, but it's not so long ago they were in League 2. Also, any team can go on a good run and you can't really predict who, like Barnsley did this season. I don't mind a lack of pace. People went on about the pressing and counter attacking this season, but there were loads of rubbish passes that gave away possession that no one mentioned. You probably get that in League 1, but I suspect people are more likely to admit that is the case! Plus tickets are probably much cheaper.

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