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boundngag 08-09-2015 05:51 PM

Same Old Wenger
Losing 2-0 to West Ham, after everything Wenger has been saying pre season, is completely unacceptable. This ALWAYS happens to Wenger's teams, every single season now. It didn't happen before he took over Arsenal. It doesn't happen to other top managers. It happens every single season to Wenger. No doubt he'll have some pathetic, lame-ass excuse for it. He always does. It's not good enough anymore, given how much he spends.

SACK HIM NOW, GET KLOPP IN. I've completely had enough of him and his rubbish excuses. GET RID NOW! How many Gooners fill the same? I'm sure it's not far off becoming the cast majority now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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