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Old 06-19-2017, 04:32 PM
ayruin ayruin is offline
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Default some old ideas to bring back maybe with some changes.

The video i liked the most among the ones you made have been this one:


I hope you do more videos like this one, it was simply perfect (because the girls just destroyed everything with ease and didn't care at all about underwear (garterbelts too)).

Other videos i liked a lot were these three:


They would have been perfect if the girls just didn't stop when topless and went on also with panties (and if they cut out everything left).

One video whose idea i liked a lot was this one:


but not the way the models did it. When they went for shoes they just cut some straps and then they remove them. They should have cut all of them. I hope you do more videos like this one (hoping they go for panties too)

And i hope also you do many more like this:

R532 Aaliyah

it was marvelous.
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Old 07-02-2017, 08:35 AM
cat265 cat265 is offline
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I agree. I like to see everything exposed. There are others but one favorite of mine is Business Woman Lolly Badcock. Her ripping here was like a work of art strip tease on how she did it. You would think there would be more nudity on Ripping4Fun since there is no physical contact with another woman and they control how their clothes are ripped. I know I am responding to a post after almost a month but I just signed up.
One of the reasons for clips with little nudity, especially the clips Ayruin mentioned that would be perfect if the panties were ripped off, is those videos may be customs requested by members who have specific desires for the clothes to be ripped and what not to rip. Some members just like seeing certain clothes ripped and just want to see the lingerie underneath. Seeing the model nude is not the highest priority. Usually these members supply the clothes too. If it is still available I think ordering custom is the best way to get what you want.
The main reasons I feel there less ripping everything because there are models who are uncomfortable going without panties. Ending up in underwear can be boring after awhile but I think there are ways to make it more erotic without making the model expose herself. I had success ordering a custom clip from a model who did not do nudity. Her ripping video stopped at bra and panties but I requested that she wear no underwear or bra and to rip the clothing as far as she was comfortable with. No nudity but I got a great rip tease. She tore her skirt to the point of being a skimpy loin cloth. Ripping ever so closer to her crotch and making it shorter to the point that if she moved the wrong way she exposed everything. The same was with her breasts. She shredded her sweater, shirt and undershirt but kept them all on. The strips of her 3 shirts would move as she played with them exposing the sides of her breasts but there was always 1 strip cover her nipples. She surprised at the end cutting everything off and just covering up with her hands and turned to the side. I would like to see if some of models who do non nude or breasts only try this. Accidentally nudity could be edited out.
The problem is that even if this solution was presented to the non-nude or bra less only models I feel we maybe get a tiny faction of them to agree to it. Some models want fabric closely press against their most private parts. Another model I had do a custom did not want to just wear a loose shirt, instead she wore this tight tube top and just made rips on sides of the breasts and she insisted on wearing underwear and not ripping it. Even if we found a model okay not wearing underwear or at least ripping it off under the clothes, the model may be comfortable of even just the cameraman seeing too much regardless of it being edited out. There may be more reasons then that.
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Old 07-02-2017, 12:11 PM
larrydude larrydude is offline
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Very interesting perspective!
Life can be such a "rip-off!"
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Old 07-03-2017, 08:46 AM
Annabelle Annabelle is online now
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You must understand not all models we book do full nude.
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