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Old 12-01-2017, 10:11 PM
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Default A Bet Game to Gain Some Money -- But Be Careful!

This is a bet game that I used to play with two ladies. It is a good opportunity to get some money, but be careful! Just wanted to share it.

*Game Details:

I make a prediction about an issue (political, sport, etc), "Yes" an event will happen, or "No" an event will not happen. If my prediction is right, a financial reward awaits me, but if my prediction is wrong, a penalty awaits me.

The reward that awaits me in case my prediction is right is an agreed financial tribute.

The penalty that awaits me in case my prediction is wrong is "Head Shaving" in two stages: first, degree zero using a razor, then blade shave with lotion/baby oil head polish to make it smooth and shiny. This sounds like a good penalty since I have a shoulder-length hair.

This is a signed bet, witnessed by two Guys (Bouncers) who take the responsibility to enforce the commitments made in the bet.

* Rules in case I win the bet:

- The two ladies must pay the previously decided financial tribute to me.

- The financial tribute is handed to me in an envelop with complement.

* Rules in case I lose the bet:

- Penalty must be executed on the same day.

- The two Bouncers must witness the execution of the penalty to ensure my cooperation.

- I must be ready and sit in the shaving box. The shaving box is a steel box with one single hole for securing the head; my body will be inside the box and only my head showing outside it.

- The steel box will be locked. A cervical collar (neck brace) will also be used to prevent head movement.

- Only the two ladies have the right to cancel the penalty by saying the word "cancelled", then I will be released from the steel box. Otherwise they say the word "penalty", and I will be released after they finish executing the penalty.

- I will wait patiently for my faith until the two ladies decide.

* Some prediction examples are:

- "Justice League" to win Academy Award for Best Picture
- United Kingdom to lose AAA credit rating before midnight ET 31 Dec 2017


* Previous examples:

Bet: European championship 2008 goes to Germany ... YES
Result: lost
Penalty: cancelled

Bet: European championship 2012 goes to Spain ... NO
Result: lost
Penalty: cancelled

Bet: Barack Obama to be elected President in 2008 ... YES
Result: win
Penalty: --

Bet: Saddam Hussein to be captured or killed before midnight ET 31 Dec 2003 ... NO
Result: lost
Penalty: shaved


Bet: Donald Trump to be elected President in 2017 ... NO
Result: lost
Penalty: shaved

Something strange happened during this last bet:

The ladies decided a "penalty". When the lady who was going to do the shaving turned on the razor it did not work. I said "YES" in my mind, she tried again several times and the razor did not work, I said "WOW" in my mind, looks like my hair is saved and they have to cancel.

Then the lady took off the batteries and reinserted them again, then turned the razor on ... it worked! She tried it on and off several times ... fully functional. One of the Guys asked the lady if she needs a new razor or new batteries to be brought, he offered to bring any required equipment, but the lady said that there is no need, this will do the job. She started the shaving by slowly moving the razor from my forehead to the back of my head behind the neck in one go, making a straight degree zero cut in the middle of my head, to make sure that the razor is working and that there is no escape from the penalty. Then she continued while explaining to the Guy the issue of loose batteries!

Excellent shaving job was given: degree zero all over, then the other lady took the job of blade shaving, complete with shaving foam and water, went through the head several times ... then a thorough polish, this time with baby oil, behind the ears and all over the head, the ladies traded high fives, and finally photos of the ladies with me where taken. One of Guys put a mirror in front of me, but I closed my eyes!
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