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Old 11-12-2016, 11:11 PM
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Default Some ideas

I am a new subscriber and really enjoying the site. As I have gone through the site, a few ideas for types of videos have come to mind that I haven't seen, so figured I'd mention them.

I'd love to see more voyeur based clips where the subject is unaware of her Bing watched. Almost as if the viewer was in a hidden position like a closet or just around a corner. This would create a more intimate/alone moment for the subject where inwould envision scenarios where she might try on a number of outfits, checking them out in a mirror and commenting on their sexiness and possible too much cleavage. Or perhaps something where she is wearing a very revealing outfit and begins to do a breast exam, where she eventually decides to take off a bra and slip her hand in her shirt, then deciding after a bit that the experience is arousing her and becomes a sexual play with her breasts. Again all this as though no one was watching. A last idea would be something where she is expecting some one to come by she wants to seduce, and she plays with buttons to decide the proper amount of cleavage. She has to move and practicing bending and such to see how much gets revealed, talking to herself about making sure he gets a good look to entice him without seeming too desperate or obvious

Just some ideas!
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